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Prabodh Satyal Ph.D

CSO, Owner 

Dr. Prabodh Satyal is originally from Nepal where he worked as a lecturer in organic chemistry at Kathmandu University. He moved to the United States to pursue research in essential oils at the University of Alabama, where he received his MS and Ph.D. in essential oil research. He has studied the chemical composition of more than 10,000 essential oils from various parts of the world, has published more than 100 research articles in peer reviewed journals, and is also an editorial member of several journals. Prabodh has a special interest in essential oil adulteration detection using marker based analysis and has created the only known mass spectral library of synthetic markers. He has played a significant role in establishing several essential oil databases and has spoken at ten reputable international conferences. He is currently developing the first ever fully automated adulteration analysis software for GCMS that will identify the percentage of purity, origin, and mixed sources in essential oils.

Prabodh Satyal Ph.D CSO, Owner of APRC



APRC® engages with a diverse group of clients with a variety of backgrounds and needs. We are committed to providing a wide range of aromatic plant product analyses in addition to producing top-notch research and developing new technologies.

We look forward to sharing our groundbreaking discoveries as we progress in our mission to produce uncompromising research, analysis, and testing services to the broader essential oil, extracts, and products produced from aromatic plants from around the world.

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