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Lavender Production
Lavender essential oil, like other floral essential oils, is produced by several basic steps: planting, maintaining, harvesting, distilling, and bottling.
Orange Production
Citrus oils are created by expression, or "cold press," rather than by distillation. Watch how orange oil is made in our latest production series video.
Balsam Fir Production
Balsam fir essential oil is created by the unique process of using discarded plant material from the lumber industry. Watch our latest video showing how Balsam fir oil is made.
Black Spruce Production
Black Spruce essential oil is created by the unique process of using discarded plant material from the lumber industry. Watch our latest video showing how Black Spruce oil is made. You can also view Dr. DeCarlo discussing Black Spruce sustainability at https://youtu.be/waWa2G52PbQ.
Pink Pepper Production
Pink Pepper is often harvested by hand and distilled into an oil with a unique aroma. Watch how it is grown and made into essential oil.
Jasmine Production
It takes roughly 21,000 flowers to create 5ml of jasmine absolute. Watch our video to learn more about jasmine absolute production.
Frankincense Production
Our newest production video is about frankincense. Did you know that proper harvesting techniques, such as time of year and number of cuts, are important to ensure the sustainability of frankincense?
Rosemary Production
This month’s production video is on rosemary. Rosemary is primarily grown by planting the cuttings from existing plants, rather than by traditional seeds.

Production Videos

See how different aromatic plants go from nature to essential oils.

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Production Videos



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