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Neroli Adulteration

Neroli oil is distilled from the flower of the bitter orange tree. It’s a relatively rare oil, and is fairly expensive, priced at $3,000 per bulk shipment. Due to it’s price and availability, producers often create adulterated neroli oil. Aside from using carrier oils, there are two ways in which to adulterate oil: aromachemical adulteration and similar oils or their isolates.

Aromachemical Adulteration

Natural aromachemical adulteration includes the use of linalool, linalyl acetate, beta pinene, and myrcene. Synthetic fossil fuel based adulteration uses linalool, lenalyl acetate, indole, methyl Anthranilate, and nerolidol.

Similar Oils or their Isolates

There are many oils which can be used to create neroli oil. Petigrain and bitter orange, which are from the same tree, are both often used. Distilled orange and bergamot are also used, as well as any other citrus oils with limonene. A unique oil that is used is ho wood. Lavender and lavandin are also used to create neroli oil.



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