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Terpene Facts

Plants Defense Mechanism

Terpenes are often used by plants as a defense against the physical world and attraction for pollinators.

The Aromas

Spicy, earthy, fruity, and skunky are all words used to describe some of the cannabis aromas. For some, this plant reeks and assaults their nose, but for others these aromas intrigue and invite the individual to partake in its consumption.


These are extremely fragrant compounds. A majority of essential oils contain monoterpenes since they are the major class of chemicals within a plant’s essential oil. It is postulated that monoterpenes serve the purpose of attracting pollinators and also as a repellant from grazing organisms.

What are Terpenes?

This text describes the Terpene explainer video that would be published here  when it is ready.

Cannabis Terpenes: The Nose Knows


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Trichomes contain the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavenoids that cannabis is often known for.

Trichomes are the hair-like bulbous structures that cover the cannabis plant.


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